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Welcome to the new lightsaber archives saberwiki! I've done some upgrading and cleanup. If you registered on the old site, you'll need to register again on this site. The good news is that registrations have opened back up for now.

This site was created with the intent of providing a user contributed site entirely devoted to lightsaber design and history. To get started please read the FAQ.

What is a Lightsaber?

Nothing has been written specifically for LSA right now. However, you can read the excellent article on wookiepedia

Lightsaber Creators

c_sabers1.jpgThe lightsaber creators are divided into three main sections

  • swcreators - Lucasfilm moves/tv only
  • eucreators - Officially licensed expanded universe comics, games and books
  • nccreators - Anything fan made or otherwise non-canon

Looking for something specific? Try the INDEX or the search box at the top right of the page.


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