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Promo ShotMaster Yoda was an expert in lightsaber combat, but preferred Form IV: Ataru due to its ability to help him overcome his size limitations.1)


There was never an actual Yoda Lightsaber prop made for use in the movies, but Ed Maggiani and Steve Dymszo created a version for Star Wars EP I: The visual dictionary. This version was used by ILM to create the computer generated versions used in AOTC and ROTS.

Appearances Blade Color
Star Wars EP II: Attack of the Clones GREEN
Star Wars EP III: Revenge of the Sith GREEN

Reference Images

Licensed Replica Images

Fan Made Images

Hilt History

This lightsaber was lost during Yoda's battle with Sidious on Coruscant in the Senate Hall.2)


Star Wars Insider #62
Star Wars EP III: Revenge of the Sith
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