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Luminara Unduli

luminarafull.jpgLuminara Unduliwp was a master of Form III and believed it to be the greatest of the forms.1)

“Of all the seven forms form III with its emphasis on anticipating and blocking light speed energy blasts requires the greatest connection to the force. The road is long but it is worth the journey for a true master of form III is invicible.”2)


At first glance this saber appears to be identical to many other clan used, but the gold highlights on the hilt set Luminara's lightsaber apart from the rest.

Appearances Blade Color
Star Wars EP II: Attack of the Clones GREEN

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Hilt History

Hilt presumed lost when Luminara died on Kashyyyk under order 66.


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Star Wars: Medstar II: Jedi Healer - novel
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