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Star Wars The Clone Wars TV Series Green

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Hilt History

Entering into the caves in search of a crystal for use in his personal lightsaber, Gungi was accompanied by fellow Initiate Ganodi as he searched the labyrinthine caves. Coming across a massive subterranean lake, Gungi was confident that his crystal lay on a frozen island in the midst of the lake. In order to cross the water, Gungi would have to wait for the lake to freeze over as the sun set. Testing all of his patience, Gungi went into meditation by the lake's edge and was able to remain calm until the surface of the lake was frozen over. Traversing the lake, Gungi claimed the crystal and made it back out of the caves to await the other Initiates in the Temple. Master Yoda commended him on being patient.1)
Returning to the Crucible, Gungi constructed a green-bladed lightsaber and chose the wood of a Brylark tree, which was as strong as metal, for the hilt.2)


Star Wars: The Clones wars “The Gathering”
Star Wars: The Clone Wars “Bound for Rescue”
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