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Barriss Offee

Barriss Offee AOTC Barriss Offee wp was a practitioner of Form III: Soresu1)


This is a clan design shared by Aayla Secura.

Apperances Blade Color
Star Wars EP II: Attack of the Clones BLUE

Hilt can be best seen in the battle of Geonosis scene.

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Hilt History

Barriss used this as her padawan saber and was built when she was 162). During the clone war she constructed a new lightsaber as part of her knight trails.3)


Additional hilt styles can be see in the barriss_offee section for the Expanded Universe.
A different saber is seen in the 3D animated Clone Wars series. It is shown with an extension on the emitter similar to the lightsaber used by shaak_ti. I hope to have images of that soon to put up here. It doesn't appear to be any different than the same clan lightsaber seen on Shaak Ti's page.

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Star Wars: Medstar 2: Jedi Healer - novel
Star Wars: The Clones Wars Animated Vol. 1
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