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Star Wars

This section will include lightsaber designs from the official Lucasarts movies and series. This currently includes designs from All Star Wars live action films and the Clone Wars 3D/Rebels animated Movie/Series. Even if the character made an appearance in the movies they should not be added here unless there was an actual prop made or drawn for them by the actual Lucasfilm team. Please provide reference photos to back up any replica prop images. Anything based on other licensed material outside of the movies should be placed in eucreators. The only exception is the hilt histories section. That may contain information in the expanded universe as well as from the movies.

Current Lightsaber creator pages


Any page added below will automatically show up in the list above. The page format should be “firstname lastname” of the creator1) without the quotes. If they have more than two names or only one, use whatever is appropriate. Please click the add page button when done. Hitting enter will not take you to the correct page! If you have additional questions please see the FAQ.

You are not allowed to add pages
The person who actually built the lightsaber, unless the maker is not know, in that case owner is acceptable
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