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Quinlan Vos

Quinlan Vos Quinlan Voswp is an expanded universe character who lived in the Rise of the Empire Era.
His main lightsaber style is attributed to Form IV: Atarusource?, although Sora Bulq did teach him some Form VII: Vaapad as well after his memory loss1)


This hilt was designed by Jan Duursema

Appearance Blade Color
Star Wars Republic: Twilight GREEN
Star Wars Republic: Infinity's End GREEN
Star Wars Republic: Darkness GREEN
Star Wars Republic: Rite of Passage GREEN
Star Wars Republic: The Dreadnaughts of Rendili RED
Star Wars Republic: Trackdown GREEN
Star Wars Republic: The Siege of Saleucami GREEN
Star Wars: The Clone Wars GREEN

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Hilt History

This is currently the only Hilt Quinlan Vos has been known to own.
He did modify it with a new red crystal given to him by Count Dooku when he was briefly turned to the dark side but it did not remain that way for very long. 2)
This hilt has been seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series and could now be considered in the Lucas Star Wars creators timeline.


Clone Wars Volume 1, The Defense of Kamino and other tales
Star Wars Clone Wars comics
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