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jaina_vs_caedus.jpgJaina Solowp


Appearances Media Type Blade Color
Various Books/Comics Purple

The following hilt, Sword of the Jedi, was designed and imagined from the mind at Genesis Custom Sabers. Here is what he had to say about designing it:

For over a year I have been slowly working on sketches that would one day become my vision for Jaina Solo’s lightsaber. When the Crystal Focus version Six was announced I knew it was time. Finally I could build a saber which would allow me to fine tune the colour blend for the blade, and make it different for each sound bank!
The saber’s design had to be smaller than usual, but still feel like a lightsaber. The look had to be elegant, yet functional and tool-like. This is the weapon of a serious Jedi Knight who is not flashy, but gets the job done no matter what. An ace fighter pilot and leader who is not afraid to go rogue if that’s what the mission requires.

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Appearances Media Type Blade Color
Jaina Solo Kotobukiya Figure Purple

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Fan Made Images

Hilt History


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