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Corran Horn

ch.jpgCorran Hornwp was created by author Michael A. Stackpole as one of the two main protagonists in the X-wing series of novels, though Horn actually first appeared in the short story Missed Chance, also by Stackpole, which served as a sort of prequel to X-wing: Rogue Squadron.

I, Jedi

Appearances Media Type Blade Color
I, Jediwp Book Silver

Reference Images

No known reference images in existence. However, there is good descriptive narrative in the book on Corran's lightsaber.

Here are some reference notes from Rob at Genesis Custom Sabers.

Details from I, Jedi by Michael A. Stackpole, p. 479-482

  • Throttle assembly and handlebar from a junked speeder bike
  • Dimetris circuitry from an old capital-ship-grade Ion cannon fire initiation controller.
  • Recharge port and wiring from a comlink
  • Emitter; Parabolic high-energy flux aperture (to stabilize the blade) is a milled down Tri-fighter laser flashback suppressor
  • Gemstones:
    1. Durindfire; the center continuous energy lens
    2. Diamond; …hoped for a coruscation effect
    3. Emerald
  • Handlebar butt cap removes to expose the recharge port.

Fan Made Images

Hilt History


Special thanks to Rob at Genesis Custom Sabers for the use of his I, Jedi saber pictures. Great work Rob!

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