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General information about the creator. I usually link to the creators wookiepedia article and only include information here that is related specifically to their involvement with lightsabers. Below is an example template:

1.jpgHettwp was exceptionally skilled in the Jar'Kai style of fighting with two lightsabers.


Appearances Media Type Blade Color
Star Wars A New Hope Film Blue

Hilt name is the first time the hilt had been seen. Generally the name of the movie, book, comic, game, etc…

Reference Images

Put real prop reference images here. Gallery example below, change to reflect correct images.

Licensed Replicas

Images of Licensed replicas only. Master replicas, icons, etc.. Change code below to reflect the proper gallery.

Fan Made Replicas

All fan made replicas can go here. Change code below to reflect the proper gallery.

Hilt History

History and ownership of the hilt. Who owned it and when? Where does the saber currently reside? Please include references.


additional pages this creator might be under or additional notes or special thanks of any kind.

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