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This website is devoted to all things lightsaber with a particular focus on cataloging as many as possible.  Please read the FAQ and visit the lightsaber wiki!
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Need content contributors

I'm looking for content contributors. Unfortunately, I was receiving so many spam registrations that I had to disable new user accounts. Check the FAQ section on how to contact me and let me know if you're interested in contributing and we'll get you setup. It's not a paid position but I have patches and other LSA items I'm working on that would be given to free to any contributor. We need you!


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New Updates!

I've added two new entries to the saber wiki.

Rahm Kota

Rahm has several versions that could probably be included here, so if anyone has any additions feel free to let me know or edit it yourself.

Corran Horn
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Badly in need of an update

I know this site is badly in need of an update. I am still working on it off and on and have considered upgrading to a different wiki. I just need to find the time to devote to that. Meanwhile, I did just update Starkiller with force unleashed II data, so check that that if you haven't already. What I need is help. If you have high quality lightsaber images, please send them to arcana (at) lightsaberarchives.org.
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Ahsoka Tano Lightsaber to go on sale February 1st 2009!

Pre-order your Ahsoka Tano lightsaber Feb 1st!  EFX has announced that they will start taking orders next week for the new Ahsoka Tano lightsaber.  This is a very exciting release from the newest holder of the replica prop license.  We are expecting great things from eFX and it looks like they aim to please.
Ahsoka Tano's LSA wiki page
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Ahsoka Tano lightsaber to be made by EFX!

efx has recently launched a new webpage and put up a new prop they will be releasing. It's the Ahsoka Tano lightsaber from the new clone wars movie! Check the website for more info: EFX

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LSA gets an EU upgrade!

LSA received it's first major user contribution from JK! Lots of great images and new characters added to EU like Yaddle, Kyle Katarn, Luke Skywalker, and more! Check it out in the saberwiki under eu creators or check out latest changes here: CHANGES Thanks again JK!!
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eFX lightsabers coming soon!

eFX has shown renderings of a new obi-wan lightsaber coming soon. It's exciting to see them add something new to the already huge number of lightsaber hilts available. Take a look for yourself and keep an eye on their webpage.

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Discussion changes

The discussion code has some issues so I've decided to adopt the mediawiki way of doing discussions. At the top of every wiki page you'll notice a "talk" tab. Simply click this tab and either "edit this page" or "create this page" if one has not yet been created. Feel free to add whatever you like to the open discussion.
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The Force is alive and well at MSU

     A time not all that long ago on a campus not all that far, far away a new group has developed. A piece of Star Wars has come to MSU.
    The members of the MSU Order duel one another bathed in darkness - the only light is emitted from the LEDs of their lightsabers. The lights are extinguished one by one as members are eliminated during the round until only one remains.
    The MSU Order was formed by a group of students who wished to emulate the epic film, “Star Wars.”
    Freshman Drake Caudill describes the group as being “dedicated to the act of lightsaber dueling.”
    “We’re just Star Wars fans,” Caudill said. “Lightsabers are just part of the fun. Our goals is to ultimately stand together as a group of Star Wars fans to practice the art of lightsaber dueling.”
    A lightsaber is the weapon of a Jedi or Sith in George Lucas’ Star Wars saga, Caudill said. In the movies they are beams of focus energy that can sear through anything. The group uses LED replicas.
Caudill said the group originated after he and fellow freshman Aaron Anderson saw lightsabers on sale in a mall.
    “We just started messing around with them,” Caudill said. “Now, here we are.”
    What began as a battle between buddies evolved into an official MSU organization this semester with 10 student members, Caudill said.
    “Four of us used to do this as a hobby,” Caudill said. “More and more people came to us wanting to join and it started getting too cold to practice outside so we thought, ‘Why not become an official group?’ ”
    The organization has not done much recruiting, Caudill said.
    “Members have either seen us on campus and have come up wanting to join or were friends of other members,” Caudill said.
light saber 022.jpgThe group practices seven days a week for two or three hours a day, Caudill said.
    Sophomore Eric Sturgill said “trials” take place outside of practice.
    “They [trials] put what we learn to the test,” Sturgill said.
    Caudill said trials are part of the ranking system and consist of dueling someone of a desired rank in order to move up.
    Sturgill said lightsaber dueling is comparable to a dance.
    “It goes back and forth like a dance, until somebody messes up,” he said. “Then you take the opportunity to strike.”
    Crystal Gallagher said she has been a member for one-and-a-half months but does not currently practice because of a torn ligament received outside of practice.
    “I show up anyway,” she said. “It’s pretty fun.”
    Sturgill said he started out not knowing what was going on.
    “I always watched the movies but I met these guys and I learned a lot,” Sturgill said.
    Freshman Andy Baker joined the group for an opportunity to learn.
    “I’m a theater major,” he said. “I joined for stage combat purposes.”
    The lightsabers used by members of the group are not cheap: some lightsabers range from approximately $80-$130.
    Sturgill said his lightsaber “cost around $105.”
    Anderson said different lightsaber colors mark member’s rank.
    “Blue represents a Jedi Guardian and green represents a Jedi Counsular,” Anderson said. “White is the rarest of Jedi colors. Red represents Sith Lords and Apprentices.”
    Baker said, “We’re a very corrective group. We like to help one another when we see someone doing something wrong.”
    Sturgill said respect is very important among group members.
    “We look at each other with respect,” he said. “Respect opponents   don’t try to mindlessly attack them.”
    Caudill said next semester a similar group from a university in Virginia will be coming down to duel with the MSU Order.
    “We hope we can continue to grow as an organization,” Caudill said. “Hopefully it will remain here long after our founding members have left.”

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Lightsaber battle in Toronto!

Not too long from now, in front of a museum that looks like a Jawa Sandcrawler, a battle of epic luminescence will break out between warring factions of Jedi and Sith. Defend the galaxy from darkness with UV lightsabers! 1,600 blacklight-reactive, meter-long cardboard tubes will be distributed in front of the Royal Ontario Museum, where there will be six massive blacklight cannons aimed at the crowd :) Wear a costume! The battle will continue until every tube is destroyed!


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